EchoVera Invoice Dollar Volume Surpasses $4 Billion Mark

EchoVera Invoice Dollar Volume Surpasses $4 Billion Mark 150 150 Tim Robertson

EchoVera has surpassed the $4 Billion dollar volume invoice processing mark for the organizations it serves in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

EchoVera, an AP automation solutions provider in North America, surpassed the $4 Billion invoice processing mark for the organizations it serves in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. EchoVera’s AP automation solution includes Intelligent OCR for invoice data capture, and Palette Software for invoice processing, PO matching, and an approval workflow.

Key to automating the business processes of AP is an efficient digital capture system, seamless integration to the ERP, and an approval workflow that is highly configurable.

EchoVera’s Intelligent OCR solution takes paper or emailed invoices and intuitively captures the invoice field data. It can handle electronic formats such as PDF, EDI, XML, TIFF and more. The accuracy rate for paper is 95%, and for electronic formats is 100%.

Palette’s invoice processing and approval workflow software gives employees visibility into invoice status and lets them approve invoices through email and mobile devices. Palette automates the matching of invoices, purchase orders and goods receipts, and also matches invoices to contracts for recurring expenses.

The Palette AP automation platform complies with rigorous bank and healthcare standards and regulations such as SOC1, SOC2, HIPPA, GDPR and PEPPOL.

Ralf Leitner, CEO of EchoVera said, “Palette AP Automation is extremely powerful and can be configured to the most demanding business processes inside the finance departments of our customers. Users find it intuitive to use as it easily adapts to different roles within any organization. As well, it seamlessly integrates with popular ERPs such as NetSuite, SAP Business One, Dynamics, Intacct, and Oracle.”

Intelligent OCR and Palette AP Automation require minimal IT resources and are available on-premise or in the Cloud.

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About EchoVera:

EchoVera Inc. provides Intelligent OCR, AP Automation and Purchase Automation solutions to organizations looking to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their financial operations. EchoVera brings over 30 years experience to clients worldwide.

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About Palette:

Palette is a leading provider of Accounts Payable Automation, with 4,500 customers worldwide and approval ratings of 96%. Palette is a global solution for companies with multiple ERPs, multiple countries, currencies and tax rules. Customers get unlimited users with no user license costs, bulletproof compliance control and minimal IT involvement.

Palette is the AP automation platform behind solutions offered by international banks, accounting firms, and ERP managed service providers worldwide.

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