Golf Course Case Study for AP Automation

ap automation case study

ClubLink uses Intelligent OCR, AI and AP automation to automate invoice processing and approval workflow 

ClubLink, one of North America’s premier golf course operations has 54 18-hole championship and eight 9-hole academy courses at 41 locations in Ontario, Quebec and Florida. ClubLink chose EchoVera for AP Automation to optimize their accounts payable.

Key Outcomes from deployment of EchoVera’s AP Automation Solution

  • Scans all incoming email and paper invoices with Intelligent OCR and Artificial Intelligence
  • Processes more than 30,000 invoices automatically each year
  • Has approval workflow for over 300 approvers at 40 locations
  • Has decreased AP-related payroll expenses by reallocating AP team members to other required roles within the finance department
  • Has full integration with ClubLink’s MS Dynamics ERP
The Challenge

With more than 300 people approving a wide variety of invoice payments from more than 40 locations, ClubLink realized that it needed a more efficient accounts payable process. Paper invoices were received from vendors and then approved at each of the company’s many locations and then sent to Head Office for final processing in the Dynamics SL ERP.

ClubLink’s decision to automate their manual, paper-based AP process was based primarily on two factors – the need for greater transparency and cost control with an emphasis on increased efficiencies and a decreased environmental footprint.

ap automation golf course The EchoVera Cloud-Based AP Automation Solution

ClubLink is now using EchoVera’s advanced capture solution in conjunction with  EchoVera’s AP automation solution. All supplier invoices are now submitted to one, centralized email address. The capture solution uses AI to “read” and extract the required data from the invoices and directs them to the appropriate approvers. This completely eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Advanced workflow ensures that approvers at each club can access their specific invoices, as well as notifying them when there are invoices that need attention. The workflow facilitates exception handling by providing all the documentation approvers need to clear the exception.

Following this successful roll out to over 40 locations ClubLink is now automatically processing more than 30,000 invoices a year and has plans to increase this number in 2018.

About EchoVera

EchoVera Inc. provides cloud-based and “in-house” electronic Invoicing, OCR Scanning, and AP Automation and Purchase-to-Pay solutions to companies and organizations looking to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their accounts payable operations.

The Bottom Line

ClubLink now automatically processes more than 30,000 invoices per year
ClubLink achieved significant and measurable cost savings & efficiencies

Key Points
  • Bi-lingual cloud-based solution
  • 40 + locations
  • Extensive workflow and multiple levels of approval
  • 300 approvers
  • Large volume of manually handled paper invoices

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