Proof of Delivery OCR

for Goods Receipts and Delivery Documents

Proof of Delivery OCR automation reduces your dependence on manual data entry. It’s technology that intuitively picks up all the essential fields on delivery documents. The data is collected and forwarded to your accounting system or ERP.

Proof of Delivery (POD) Automation provides key benefits such as:

  • Eliminate manual errors with high quality data extraction
  • Reduce processing time and invoice approval cycle time
  • Improved efficiency
  • Free up time for staff to do more high-value tasks
goods receipt automation

Delivery Documents Arrive in Various Formats

Delivery documents such as Goods Receipts arrive by mail, fax and email.

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Extract Delivery Document Data

Data is intuitively extracted from paper, scanned or emailed delivery documents.

proof of delivery software

Validate Delivery Document Data

Data fields of the delivery documents are identified and validated. The software intuitively picks up data from various delivery document layouts.

proof of delivery ocr

Transform with Business Rules

Business rules and business process logic is applied based on each unique vendor.

goods receipt processor

Deliver to ERP

Structured delivery document data is delivered to your ERP.

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A Complete Proof of Delivery Capture Solution

Proof of Delivery OCR eliminates manual processes and optimizes delivery document intake for your ERP.

Integration with your ERP

EchoVera’s Proof of Delivery OCR is a cloud application that integrates with any ERP or accounting system without costly integration development.

Proof of Delivery OCR – Seamless Integration with your ERP

Integrates with any ERP or accounting system without connectors or traditional integration development.

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