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Intelligent OCR Plus | Invoice Data Capture

Powered by AI

An efficient way to intelligently capture data from both emailed and paper invoices, eliminating the need for time consuming and costly manual data entry.

Our solution is capable of automatically and intuitively detecting/learning unique vendor invoices based on their respective layouts, allowing the scanning and/or importing of data from emailed or paper invoices with more efficiency. Intelligent OCR Plus also intuitively performs field mapping and data collection.

  • Eliminate data entry
  • Process both paper and email invoices
  • EDI, PDF, CSV, Word, Excel and other electronic file formats
  • Invoices with hundreds of data fields are captured and validated in minutes
  • Extremely accurate – electronic files 100% accuracy
  • Integrates seamlessly with your ERP
  • Most affordable Intelligent OCR solution on the market today

EchoVera Intelligent OCR Plus includes:

intelligent ocrInvoice Data Capture

Invoice data from both paper and email invoices is captured by the system with 95% accuracy rates.

intelligent invoice ocrApproval Workflow

Direct invoices to the proper approvers with an automated approval workflow. Time-stamped audit trail.

invoice ocrInvoice Archive

Searchable invoice archive in the cloud.

For supplier invoices the addition of LLMs increases the speed at which finance administrators can onboard new vendors or customers. Finance staff do not need to set up templates or rules for their documents, but instead ask the LLMs what is needed and the AI will do the rest. EchoVera’s Intelligent OCR Plus solution includes ChronoScan powered by OpenAI.

Integration with your ERP

EchoVera’s Intelligent OCR Plus is cloud software that integrates with any ERP or accounting system without costly integration development.

For suppliers, it’s important they are not impacted by the technology related to your invoice process. There’s no need for any special software or software infrastructure for the suppliers sending you their invoices.

*Technology explanations from around the web: Sophisticated OCR systems can preserve the original layout of the page and produce an image of the document as well as fill data fields with extracted data. (According to the Wikipedia source document on post-processing [1])