NetSuite Order to Cash PDF | PPT

Netsuite order to cash PDF

NetSuite Order to Cash PDF

Order to Cash Automation for Netsuite:

  • Eliminates manual order entry
  • Boosts cashflow
  • Increases customer satisfaction

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Errors, out-of-stock items, and slow cash flow can hurt revenue performance over time. 

Companies are investing in cloud-based order-to-cash automation software in order to improve the process and reduce the reliance on manual and paper processes.

NetSuite Order to Cash Automation

EchoVera uses capture technology and automated processes to scan both paper and emailed invoices (in any format), capturing all relevant data. NetSuite Order to Cash Automation is order-to-cash software that gives companies the ability to move away from paper, fax and the manual data entry of emailed forms. 

It receives validated orders directly into the system ready for processing – within minutes of customers sending it.

  • For paper sales orders, the system scans in the information and captures data fields with accuracy rates of 95%.
  • For emailed and electronic sales orders it captures essential data with an accuracy rate of 100%