Intelligent OCR for SAP Business One uses AI

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Businesses using SAP Business One are discovering the value using “intelligent” OCR to scan their invoices. It’s all part of a larger trend for growing companies.

  • In spite of increasing invoice volumes, growing companies want to avoid adding to headcount
  • New technologies in the cloud and browser-based allow for minimal I.T. involvement
  • Businesses want to leverage their investment in SAP Business One

Invoices come in many different formats. Whether they are delivered in the mail and have to be scanned, or sent by email in an electronic file format such as Word, Excel, PDF, EDI, and XML – the data needs to be captured quickly and efficiently.

Traditional OCR is Outdated

Traditional OCR software has some constraints. For example, a company might receive an invoice by mail and scan it, but the data it collects is not available because of integration issues. Scanning could be avoided if the invoice comes by email, but in many cases the email invoice is printed out and the information is keyed into the ERP manually. Both of these methods are time and resource-intensive.

For SAP Business One users who need to capture the data in their supplier invoices, Intelligent OCR is a cloud solution with a browser-based interface that intelligently captures all of the information needed – and with 95% accuracy.

Intelligent OCR uses A.I. and intelligent automation to extract data from any format of invoice, whether it was sent electronically or through the mail.

Intelligent OCR searches, interprets, validates, and extrapolates semantic meaning from any format or file type. It intuitively detects and learns each unique supplier invoice based on layouts and a tagging technology called Intellitags.

The technology recognizes who the invoices are from, maps essential fields and captures the data, and puts all of the information into a central dashboard. That means data entry and the effort involved to get usable data from an OCR file is drastically reduced.

After the data is captured, an approval workflow takes over, sending the invoices to the proper approver in the organization, or matching the invoice against a PO.

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