How Automated Sales Order Processing for NetSuite Increases Sales

How Automated Sales Order Processing for NetSuite Increases Sales 150 150 Tim Robertson
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Sales order automation (or order-to-cash process automation) gives companies using NetSuite the ability to move away from the manual data entry of paper, fax, and emailed sales orders

Manual and outdated sales order processing can have a substantial impact on any business. Errors, out-of-stock items, and slow cash flow can all hurt business performance. Improving the sales order process impacts cashflow by:

  • Accelerating the order-to-cash cycle
  • Improving customer service
  • Reducing processing time
  • Reducing number of days of sales outstanding
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Companies using cloud-based sales order automation solutions receive validated orders directly into NetSuite ready for processing – within seconds of their customers having sent it. Better yet, it’s done with zero technical changes or process change in the sender’s environment.

Not only does the processing of sales orders become more efficient, some companies have experienced substantial sales growth as a result of implementing sales order automation.

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Most orders are received via phone, fax, with the vast majority arriving on email,” said an executive at Arco, a company that provides over 22,000 products in the safety category worldwide. “Our products were shipped to over 100 countries last year! Once received, the order is processed manually. Because of the time this takes we couldn’t process orders fast enough and were losing potential orders as a result.”

How order-to-cash process automation handles emailed orders

Customers who send their sales orders by email are given a specific email address assigned for processing their orders. Sales order capture technology, using AI and intuitive mapping, extracts the data directly from the PDF (or Word, XML, EDI, Excel) document, validates it, and sends it to NetSuite.

sales order automation for Netsuite workflow

Sales Order Automation Workflow – From Extraction from email to Delivery to NetSuite

How order-to-cash process automation handles faxed or paper orders

For customers who print or fax in their orders, Sales Order Automation for NetSuite intuitively detects each customer’s unique identity. It then performs field mapping on each order form, extracts the data and sends the information to NetSuite.

The impact on customers

It’s important that customers are not impacted by a new technology related to their ordering process, which is why this approach to automation works so well. And because best-of-breed sales order automation is cloud-based, there’s no need for any application, infrastructure, or process change for the buyers sending in their orders.

Overall benefits of an automated approach

The order to cash cycle gets a boost. Employees are freed up from the manual task of keying data or inputing sales order information directly, and can focus on more high value work. Errors are eliminated – data extracted from electronic formats are 100% accurate.  And ultimately, sales order automation gives the customer a better experience.

For more information about Sales Order Processing Automation for NetSuite, click here.