Purchase To Pay Automation With PaletteArena

AP Automation

EchoVera ASAP is powered by Palette, a software platform with over 2,000 clients worldwide. ASAP Purchase-to-Pay Automation streamlines all of your organization’s business flows, invoices, contracts, purchase orders and employee expenses.

  • 100% web-browser based, easy to use
  • NO programming means you save time & expense
  • Modular approach – build the solution that’s right for your organization
  • In-house or in the Cloud – the choice is yours

More efficient processing

With Palette’s complete suite of products, you’ll gain full control over accounting processes and achieve substantial savings in both time and money.

Give your employees the opportunity to manage invoices wherever they are – on the web, in a mobile phone or via email. Receive and send invoices in electronic form. It’s quicker, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Pre-defined flow and accounting posting proposals determine how an invoice progresses through the system and is posted to accounts before being processed in full.

Purchase to PayTake control of the purchasing process

Invoices can be matched to purchase orders at the line or total level, or to contracts. Palette offers a simplified ordering process that steers users to purchase the right goods, from the right supplier, at the right price. With all purchasing statistics available, you’ll have a solid basis for negotiating prices and terms. For investment projects, purchases can be governed by the set budget. You gain full control over the project’s costs and get early warnings when the budget is in danger of being exceeded.

Easy management of expenses

Is the process of managing employee expenses complex and time-consuming in your organization? Then why not let employees process their expenses directly when they arise? The receipt is photographed with a smartphone and the picture emailed to Palette. The expense information is then entered in the system, and along with the receipt, goes out in a flow for signing and payment.

Valuable statistics and powerful reporting tools

With Palette, you gain access to a range of key performance indicators: payment statistics, average processing time, amounts falling due during the month, etc. Palette contains a very powerful reports tool with a large selection of filters for generating reports. At the click of a button, reports can be exported to Excel for further processing.

procure to pay

Readily accessible and searchable contracts

Do you need to gain control over your agreements and contracts? Would you like to be able to quickly and easily access data for renegotiating a contract? And have periodic invoices matched and go directly to payment? This is handled by our electronic contract database.

Palette as a cloud service

Do you really want to invest money in hardware and go through the installation of a system? We can offer our products as a cloud service. This service is suitable for all types of companies and you can be up and running in a matter of days! Let us take care of O&M, backups, support and security.

Integration With Over 50 ERPs

Palette integrates with Dynamics, Infor, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Smartstream, Solomon, and more. See the complete list of ERP packages and ERP vendors here.


stenaStena Line: “Before we deployed the Palette solution, invoices were processed manually by staff and the complexity of the paper trails involved often led to delays, reducing productivity. With PaletteInvoice, we have closer control over authorizations, as well as the added advantage of being able to keep track of transactions both on the ship and at local offices.” – Carol Griffiths, Internal Control Coordinator, Stena Line

selectaSelecta: “From having masses of copies in binders behind my back, now everything’s right there in front of me in the system on my computer screen. And it’s easy to follow the invoice’s path to authorization and payment. The ease of overseeing the invoice’s path has visibly reduced the number of overdue interest invoices for Selecta.” – Per Ekstedt, CFO, Selecta

mieleMiele: “Before we deployed PaletteInvoice, invoices would be sent manually by mail staff, but this led to delays and to documents being lost or mislaid. The solution’s automation and workflow capabilities have helped us to cut processing times by 75% while ensuring that all purchasing rules and policies are maintained.” – Uwe Duckart, Administration Manager, Miele

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EchoVera Inc. provides Electronic Invoicing, OCR Scanning, and Purchase to Pay solutions to companies and organizations looking to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their accounts payable operations. With offices in Toronto, Calgary, and Ottawa, EchoVera brings over thirty years of experience to our customers across North America.

PaletteArena Modules


Keeps track of contracts, reminds when they need action, matches to related invoices.


Gives control over purchase and data for matching to invoices.


Automates invoice processing, increases control and reduces costs.


Control panel that gives you an overview, full control and ideas for further efficiencies.


Provides a 360º view of the organization’s expenses.


Streamlines and simplifies the 
processing of 

PaletteArena Add-On Modules


Connect to any webshop, regardless of their interfacing capabilities.


Streamlines and simplifies the 
processing of 


Match supplier invoices 
to purchase orders and increase automation.


Manages capex requests that automatically control future purchases.


Let your suppliers find answers to their questions themselves.