Microsoft Dynamics 365 AP Automation That’s Comprehensive

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AP Automation That’s Comprehensive 150 150 Tim Robertson

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ap automationOrganizations looking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 automation solutions want technology that provides intelligent invoice scanning, 3-way invoice matching, and an AP workflow that integrates not only with Dynamics, but also with their specific invoice approval sequence/flow. In other words, a comprehensive suite of technologies that integrate well with both their AP processes and the Dynamics environment.

Let’s take a look at what each of these technologies does in detail:

  1. Intelligent invoice scanning (also known as data capture)
    Data capture often consists of either manually keying in data from paper invoices, or using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to scan paper invoices. Intelligent OCR teaches itself to “read” your different supplier invoices based on their respective layouts, and then intuitively maps the data fields.
  1. Electronic invoice capture
    Invoices sent by email are processed automatically by software that maps and stores the data. Virtually all billing applications generate data PDFs and the capture system uses the data layer found in PDF invoices to extract the required information.
  1. 3-way matching of invoices, purchase orders and goods receipts
    Automating the 3-way matching process takes a lot of time and effort out of the manual accounts payable workflow. When an invoice matches a purchase order, it inherits the account postings and authorizations from that order, and can go directly to payment without any manual intervention. With simple rules, you control what happens to invoices that don’t match a purchase order, and which tolerances apply.
    All invoices can be automatically matched against the corresponding PO at the header or line level according to your predefined rules and tolerances. Invoices that are matched within your approved tolerances are sent directly to Dynamics 365 for recording. Invoices that have values outside of your tolerance values are automatically sent to the appropriate role for review.
  1. Workflow
    The AP automation workflow starts with the data capture of either mailed or emailed invoices. Invoices are gathered into a central dashboard. From here they are automatically routed to the appropriate approvers for review and approval. Once approved, invoices are sent to Dynamics 365. Invoices are then archived in the cloud for searching, reporting, and audit trail.

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