Palette Partner Program

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An exciting growth opportunity for ERP resellers.

PaletteArena is a Purchase-to-Pay platform developed by the Palette Group. It’s a complete family of products that allows your customers to make their entire purchase-to-pay process far more efficient.

  • With over 1,600 clients in 34 countries and high customer approval ratings, PaletteArena represents a significant growth opportunity for Partners in Canada.
  • Partners benefit from the growing demand for both Electronic Invoicing and Purchase-to-Pay automation solutions
  • PaletteArena is designed to seamlessly integrate with over 50 different ERP systems
  • Your customers can choose between an on-premise installation or cloud service (SaaS).

Key Benefits for Partners:

  • Provide a fast-growing and successful Purchase-to-Pay platform that grows with your customers’ requirements
  • Add value to your current ERP offering with a solution that generates cost-savings and boosts productivity
  • Increase the footprint into your installed user base
  • Built-in growth strategies for increasing transaction volume and service fees growing your bottom line
  • Above average sales margins
  • Protected sales territories
  • White label opportunities
  • Training seminars and implementation training for you and your team
  • Marketing material and support documentation provided with your logo and branding
  • Dedicated servers in both Canada and the U.S.

Satisfied Customers Worldwide
Palette has excellent recommend and satisfaction ratings.

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The PaletteArena Product Suite helps businesses to streamline and automate their purchase-to-pay process. It automates and matches business flows, invoices, contracts, purchase orders and employee expenses. Here are some of the features clients appreciate:

  • Give employees the opportunity to manage invoices wherever they are – on the web, using a smartphone or via email.
  • Take control of the purchasing process
    Invoices can be matched to contracts and purchase orders at the line or total level.
  • Take control of costs
    With all purchasing statistics available, clients have a solid basis for negotiating prices and terms.
  • Easy expense management
    Receipts are photographed with a smartphone and the picture emailed to Palette. The expense information is then entered into the system, and along with the receipt, goes out in a flow for signing and payment.
  • Valuable statistics and powerful reporting tools
    Access to a range of key performance indicators: payment statistics, average processing time, and amounts falling due during the month.
  • Readily accessible and searchable contracts
    Quickly and easily access data to renegotiate a contract. Have periodic invoices matched and go directly to payment.

Palette Partner Program photoPalette Partner Program photo

Palette Partner Program photo

EchoVera Inc. is the Palette Master Distributor for Canada.

We have three different partner relationships: Palette Certified Solution Partner, Palette Integration Partner and Palette Associate Partner. Together, we can offer the right complete solution to our customers in the Canadian marketplace.

Our Partners have the following important qualities:

  • A high level of expertise when it comes to business solutions, sales, second line support and implementation.
  • A professional organization with similar values to EchoVera – the focus is always on meeting customer needs.

Call Ralf Leitner @ 416 968-2335 or email to schedule a demo or get started with the application process.