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Intelligent OCR for Sales Order Processing

Powered by AI

Intelligent OCR for sales order processing is an effective way to intelligently extract data from sales orders, eliminating the need for time consuming and costly manual data entry. Intelligent OCR automatically and intuitively detects/learns unique sales orders based on their respective layouts, scanning and/or importing of data from sales orders in any format. Intelligent OCR also intuitively performs field mapping, data collection and verification.

  • Increase speed of order to cash
  • Reduction of manual, repetitive grunt work
  • Reduces manual errors and delays in product/services delivery
  • Captures header and line items
  • 100% accuracy rate for electronic file formats
  • Most affordable Intelligent OCR for sales order processing on the market today

Integration with your ERP

EchoVera’s Intelligent OCR for Sales Order Automation is a cloud application that integrates with your ERP without costly integration development.

For buyers, it’s important they are not impacted by the technology related to your sales order process. There’s no need for any software or software infrastructure for the buyers who are sending in their orders.

order to cash - email or paper

Sales Orders Arrive in Various Formats

Sales orders arrive by email (or fax/paper). Sales orders are scanned and data fields mapped.

extract sales orders

Extract Sales Order Data

Data is intuitively extracted from sales orders. Electronic files are captured with 100% accuracy.

validate sales orders

Validate Sales Order Data

Data fields of the sales orders are identified and validated. The software intuitively picks up data from various sales order layouts.


Transform with Business Rules

Business rules and business process logic is applied based on each unique customer.


Deliver to Your ERP

Structured sales order data is delivered into your ERP. Seamless integration.

For sales order automation the addition of AI and LLMs increases the speed at which finance administrators can onboard new customers. Finance staff do not need to set up templates or rules for their documents, but instead ask the LLMs what is needed and the AI will do the rest. The EchoVera solution includes ChronoScan powered by OpenAI.

Sales Order Automation – Seamless Integration
with your ERP or Accounting System

EchoVera’s Sales Order Automation is a cloud application that integrates with any ERP or accounting system without costly integration development.

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EchoVera Inc. provides Intelligent OCR, Sales Order Automation and AP Automation to organizations looking to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their financial operations. EchoVera brings over 30 years experience to clients worldwide.

FAQ – Intelligent OCR for Sales Order Automation

What is sales order automation using Intelligent OCR?

Sales order automation that uses Intelligent OCR is a software solution in the cloud that streamlines manual and time-consuming tasks in the sales process. It captures sales order data, verifies the data, applies business rules for each unique buyer and sends structured data to the ERP. This allows sales teams to focus on adding value to the sales process, rather than spending time on tasks that require little or no expertise. 

What is order fulfillment automation?

Order fulfillment automation refers to the use of technology to automate the tasks associated with order fulfillment, from confirming product availability to shipping products to customers. The goal of automating order processing is to reduce human error, increase efficiency, and free up employees to spend more time on more productive tasks.

How do you automate a sales order for your ERP?

By using Intelligent OCR for sales orders that extracts the relevant sales order data, validates the data, and sends the data in a structured format to your ERP. It's a sales order processing system that leverages AI and RPA technology to handle manual tasks of order intake through a centralized, cloud-based platform.

What are the benefits of automated order processing?

Automating sales order processing can bring multiple benefits to an organization, including increased productivity, faster order to cash, elimination of tedious tasks, shorter order fulfillment times, cost savings, and improved visibility and control over sales orders.

What specific order fulfillment tasks can be automated?

Multiple sales order tasks are automated when using Intelligent OCR, including extracting sales order data, validating the order data, applying business rules and submitting the structured order data to your ERP.