Electronic Invoice Information for Suppliers

File Formats and Emailing Instructions

The key benefits of this program for your customer:

  • Your customer is saving approximately $10 for every invoice they receive by email (as opposed to paper invoices sent by mail)
  • They save time: it takes less than 3 minutes to process, code and approve emailed invoices
  • They get visibility: they know what their payables are in real time
  • They reduce their overall carbon footprint

We simply ask that you send invoices from your existing accounts system (as a PDF or other file format – see below) to a pre-defined email address. Each invoice your customer receives will be registered in their PaletteInvoice dashboard within a couple of minutes of you sending it.

The key benefits to your organization are:

  • There is no cost to you – it’s free
  • You can submit invoices without changing your internal systems or processes
  • You will have a reduction of manual activities (such as printing, posting, mailing, handling, etc.)
  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint
  • You’ll not only have quicker receipt but also reduced processing error rates!

Instructions for Supplier Set-Up

1. Send an email to EchoVera, as provided in your setup letter.

2. Include the name, email, phone number and extension of the person within Credit Control / Finance who is responsible for issuing invoices to your customer.

3. Include in the email a sample of the invoice that you usually send to your customer. We support almost any format! The following are examples of what you can submit:

  • An invoice or credit note in PDF format. Eg. “filename.pdf”
  • An invoice or credit note in Microsoft Word format. Eg. “filename.doc”
  • An invoice or credit note in XML format. Eg. “filename.xml”
  • An invoice or credit note in Microsoft Excel format. Eg. “filename.xlsx”
  • An invoice or credit note in a comma-delimited or tab-delimited CSV file. Eg. “filename.csv”
  • An invoice or credit note in a text file. Eg. “filename.txt”
  • Multiple invoices or credit notes in any of the file formats above sent all in one email.
  • Multiple invoices or credit notes, compressed in a Zip file, in one email. Eg. “filename.zip”

4. Once your file format has been approved by EchoVera’s technical team, you will be sent an email address to send all of your customer-related email invoices to.

Should you have any technical questions about acceptable file formats or submitting invoices by email, please contact technical@echovera.com


Interested in electronic invoicing for your organization? Get more information here or contact us for a free consultation: sales@echovera.com