purchase order management software

Optimize Your Purchase Process

EchoVera Purchase Order Management gives you full control over your spend and greatly reduces maverick buying. 

Make room for more important activities while you stay in control of your company’s purchases. Indirect materials may make up only 15-20% of a company’s purchases, but they stand for 70-80% of problems associated with invoicing. Small and unapproved purchases serve as a reminder that spend management needs to be a top priority.

  • Regulate and automate your company’s purchasing function – from start to finish.
  • Stop maverick spending and stay in control of the purchasing process.
  • Employees have the ability to quickly find the right product, at the right price from the right vendor, all with management oversight
  • Create a requisition that can be routed automatically for approval based on your business rules
  • Order is electronically sent to the supplier that provides you the best discounts or payment terms

purchase order management software

Improve performance with better forecasting and increased efficiency.

Gain control over your suppliers and generate better information for price and contract negotiations. With a roles-based approach, Purchase Order Automation can be used by almost anyone in your organization. More product details in the tab above.

Seamless Integration with Your ERP

EchoVera Purchase Automation integrates with NetSuite,  SAP Business One, SAP ECC, Intaact, Dynamics, Infor, QAD and more.

purchase order management software

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Purchases with just a couple of clicks
  • Controlled and automated workflows
  • Flexible search functionality
  • Drill down supplier analysis and reporting

Manage The Entire Procurement Process

Help your organization to gain full control over your spend. Purchase Automation can be used by almost anyone in your company, boost the efficiency in your procurement processes, and increase the cost awareness in your organization.

Collaborate with Selected Suppliers
By channeling your employees to purchase from preferred suppliers you can both lower your costs and minimize risk. Employees can punch out to your preferred supplier’s web shops to access company specific catalogs, or import catalogs for product selection.

  • Ad-hoc requisitions can be created for those special situations.
  • All purchasing is controlled through detailed permissions and approval workflows.
  • Your employees purchase goods and services within a set budget and from your preferred and properly approved suppliers.

User-friendly Procurement Experience
Purchases can be made with just a couple of clicks.  Keep track of the total amount of your purchase throughout your requisition and display selected items on a graphical list view of the chosen items so that you can keep track of purchases at all times.

  • Overview of products and suppliers with additional descriptions and pictures.
  • Categorize your suppliers and products by different categories
  • One single click on visual icons such as Recommended, Contracted, and Eco- labeled etc.

purchase order management

Automate Processes with Touchless Invoice
A “touchless invoice” means that the invoice is received electronically and automatically matched against a purchase order or contract. If the invoice meets all regulatory requirements, it is automatically sent on for payment.

2 and 3 Way Matching
All invoices are automatically matched against the corresponding PO at the header or line level according to predefined business rules and tolerances. Any invoices matching within approved tolerances can be sent directly to the ERP for payment. If any information is missing or incorrect it can be sent to the proper approver to be corrected and matched manually.

Stay On Track with Your Spend and Suppliers
Users can select from a long list of search criteria that can be used to generate custom reports. Tracking supplier performance, commodity purchases, matching statistics, vendor spend etc. can all be facilitated in the reporting system. All reports provide a summary result set which can be drilled into to see specific details and actual images.