Intelligent OCR for Infor

Intelligent OCR for Infor photo

Intelligent OCR for Infor is one of the world’s most cost-effective advanced OCR platforms.

Are you capturing invoice manually for your Infor ERP?
Invoice data capture is often a manual effort – keying in data from emailed invoices (printed out on paper) or straight from a mailed invoice. Alternatively, the invoice is scanned with an optical character recognition program, and manually mapping the data fields that are relevant.

Intelligent OCR is a game changer in this regard. Using Artificial Intelligence and capture automation it performs essential field mapping and data collection, storing invoice layouts and data placement in a database for future reference. It’s the next generation of OCR.

Intelligent OCR for Infor:

  • Captures invoice data directly from paper
  • Handles any electronic format – EDI, XML, PDF, JPG, and more
  • Can handle invoices hundreds of pages long
  • Is intuitive for users
  • Integrates seamlessly with Infor
  • Affordable – no user licensing necessary