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Automate the Data Entry Of Your Supplier Invoices

Send invoices to InBox and get back a PDF and a CSV or XML file.

No more printing invoices. ..No more keying invoices. ..Fewer errors!

Send your scanned or emailed invoices to InBox and your data will come back to you in the exact file format you need. Save time. No more having to print emailed invoices, key in the data, or deal with those inevitable errors.

EchoVera InBox photo

InBox sends you the data fields you need:

Header Information:

  • Supplier ID
  • Supplier Name
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Amount
  • Tax Amount

Grid Line Items:

  • Quantity
  • Unit Price
  • Extended Amount

EchoVera InBox integrates with NetSuite, Dynamics, Infor, SAP, PeopleSoft,
Oracle, Smartstream, Solomon, and more.

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InBox Pro

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  • As Needed Users
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Subscription Based Per Invoice
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