EchoVera Budget helps you maintain full control over your spend.

It provides a full overview of all costs associated to specific investments and projects. The built-in alarm function will send out an alert when 90% of the budget has been used. As the budget request has been approved, future purchases related to this project can be connected to and deducted from the set maximum amount.

When setting up a budget request in EchoVera Budget, you can make delimitations per supplier or per product category. Only your preferred suppliers are used and only product categories that are related to the specific project are ordered.

Faster with unnecessary approvals

Once a budget request has been set up, purchase orders that are in line with the chosen parameters can be automatically approved by the system. If the amount of the invoice corresponds to the previously approved purchase order, the invoice can go directly to the “ready for payment” stage without any further administration.

Comprehensive Reports

Search for and view information about budget requests based on filters such as company, budget request ID, status, the role in charge, product category, supplier, contract number, requisition number, item type and more. List all of the purchase orders related to a specific budget request.

  • Delegate responsibility within the organization, without losing control
  • Check remaining amounts of a specific budget request in real time
  • Speed up the procurement process!

Integration With Over 50 ERPs

ASAP integrates with NetSuite, SAP Business On, Dynamics, Infor, QAD, and more.