The Business Case for AP Automation

The Business Case for AP Automation 150 150 Tim Robertson

“I just found a $560,000 invoice that wasn’t on the spreadsheet I sent you.”

It’s month end, and as a CFO, controller, plant manager, or accounting manager you need accurate, up-to-date data. Unfortunately you only have an estimate as to where your payables stand. Some important documents are missing for a large invoice that is overdue. And one of the large spreadsheets a manager sent you has some missing fields – making you wonder what else is out there you can’t see.

Before filling out another form telling you how much money you’ll save processing invoices with AP automation, enjoy this business case based on 3rd party research. The argument is very compelling, given the huge disconnect between the technology that is available on the factory floor or out in the field – compared to the analog-driven processes in the finance department.

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