AP Automation Integration With Over 50 ERPs

AP Automation Integration With Over 50 ERPs photo

Our solutions integrate with over 50 ERPs. Our integrator technology handles the job seamlessly, giving you the flexibility to take advantage of all we have to offer.

Although we say we integrate with over 50 ERPs, there is more to the story. Because our integration framework is a “detached data model”, we can integrate with any ERP. This is often music to our client’s ears because solutions from EchoVera are not tied to resource intensive system upgrades and all the other headaches involved with highly integrated software add-ons to ERPs.

Our global solutions support multiple languages, currencies, and tax rules. Our technology partners have over 3,500 clients and direct operation partners in over 43 countries, and can handle unique international data capture, tax handling, and other geographic-specific functions.

We leverage multiple security models depending on client needs such as:

  • FEDRAMP Common Security Frameworks
  • Microsoft security framework with enhancement for Active Directory or LDAP integration

Contact us for the complete list of ERPs.