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Intelligent 3 Way Matching Automates The Entire Process

Three-way matching is a very important business function for accounts payable professionals. But the amount of time it takes to do it manually can be onerous for any organization. Automating the 3 way matching process provides key benefits such as:

  • Reduce Manual Error with Accurate Data
  • Shorten Payment Cycles
  • Code & Approve on Desktop or Mobile

The software will automatically route matched invoices to your ERP, where the data can be processed accordingly. You can see the status of all invoices in a central shared dashboard, and exceptions go to a sophisticated workflow that sends essential information about the transaction to the right person for approval.
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The Automated Solution for 2 and 3 Way Matching

  • Automate the matching of invoices, purchase orders, and goods receipts
  • Exceptions are flagged for attention
  • Provides a complete audit trail
  • Ensures accuracy of the data

Authentic 3 Way Matching

We call it Authentic 3 Way Matching, because our Matching Engine performs the task flawlessly. All invoices are automatically matched against the corresponding Purchase Order at the header or line level according to your predefined rules and tolerances. Invoices that are matched within approved tolerances (that you set) can be sent directly to your ERP for recording. If any information is missing on the invoice or goods receipt, the document is flagged and put in a workflow that contacts the approver and coordinates the process.

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Matching to a Purchase Order
Invoices can be matched to internal purchase orders, or to purchase orders imported during integration from an external ordering system, or a combination of the two. The system is set up for automatic matching, but you can also match an invoice to an order manually.

Matching at Total Level
If no lines are detected on the invoice 
(a non-itemized invoice), matching is attempted at the total level. If there is an order linked to the invoice, the system matches the amount on the invoice and the order amount to check that they are a match within the permitted variances that you have already established.

Matching is done in relation to the delivered quantity. If the invoice amount and order amount match, the invoice is matched in full, and the account postings and authorization for payment for the invoice are inherited from the purchase order.

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Matching at Line Level
Where the invoice has lines (as in an itemized invoice), you can match it at line level. Invoice lines may come into the system as part of an e-invoice, or be scanned with line interpretation from a paper invoice, or be entered manually for a specific invoice. The system checks the quantity delivered against the quantity specified for the order line.

An invoice line is matched in full if it matches an order line and the information is within the permitted variances set in rules. If the invoice lines match purchase order lines, they inherit the account postings and authorization from their matched purchase order lines.

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